Republic Day: B-Town Celebs Note That Patriotism Makes India Stronger

On 26 January 1950, the Indian Constitution came into effect and, every year, the day is celebrated as Republic Day to honour the spirit of an independent and united India. A large parade is conducted in the capital city of Delhi, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and diversity of every state, India’s armed forces, and its military prowess.

As India celebrates its 72nd Republic Day, the spirit of patriotism is said to be uniting millions across the globe who take pride in being Indian. Although Republic Day evokes the spirit of patriotism among one and all, it all comes down to taking the right actions toward India’s progress.

Bollywood celebrities have spoken to Sputnik about what evokes the spirit of patriotism for them and how they are contributing to building the nation.

‘We’ the people of India

For filmmaker Nila Madhab Panda, known for remarkable movies including “I am Kalam”, “Jalpari”, and “Kadvi Hawa”, the opening phrase of India’s Constitution “We, the people of India” is itself the “best spirit to celebrate patriotism”.

Using the power of cinema, Madhab over the years has brought up societal issues such as climate change and its impact on farmers and the agricultural sector, child labour, and education, among others.

Spirit of Inclusiveness and Nationalism

Known for making critically acclaimed movies such as “Buddha in a Traffic Jam” and “The Tashkent Files”, filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri tells Sputnik that a spirit of inclusiveness and nationalism is what makes India a republic.

“What I really love about India is its inclusiveness not just about having people of different faiths or beliefs, but how everyone fights all odds unitedly like one family. We have learnt to accept our poverty and rise above that with the family support system, our values, and spirituality”, Agnihotri says.

He opines that a true republic is built by citizens “who are not only law-abiding and pay taxes on time but also work towards making India stronger by using one’s skills”.

Taking India’s Rich Culture Far and Wide

Actor Darshan Kumaar, who made a lasting impression with his movie “Mary Kom” opposite Priyanka Chopra Jonas, feels that watching the Republic Day parade in the capital city Delhi, revs up the spirit of patriotism.

“Republic Day reminds me of the beautiful representation depicting our Indian culture and heritage, the marching contingents, the parade of schoolchildren, paying tribute to the martyrs all of which generate electrifying emotions of patriotism within me and it gives me immense pride”, Kumar says.

For actor Rohit Bose Roy, one thing that brings out the spirit of patriotism is “watching the country’s flag being hoisted and the national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ being played”.

The Republic Day parade exhibits a spirit of patriotism and actor Anup Soni feels that patriotism must be exercised by everyone by taking small steps towards the nation’s progress.


Republic Day: B-Town Celebs Note That Patriotism Makes India Stronger

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