Queen Allows Boris Johnson to Jog in Buckingham Palace Grounds After Coronavirus Battle

The British Prime Minister, a regular jogger, has been exercising in the gardens of the royal palace after security concerns ruled out the use of public places to regain his strength.

Boris Johnson has been jogging in the confines of the Queen’s London residence with her permission, The Telegraph reports.

Johnson, 55, was spotted out on Tuesday arriving at a side entrance to the palace in an armoured government vehicle. Photos published by UK tabloids showed him wearing running shorts and a casual shirt.

The Prime Minister has a habit of working out in public places, most notably St James’s Park, where he was confronted by an angry passer-by earlier this month. However, it is understood that this option has been ruled out because of security concerns, and he was also seen taking a run with his dog Dilyn on the grounds of Lambeth Palace, the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Boris Johnson has been trying to get back in shape after a bout of COVID-19 last month that saw him spend three days in intensive care. He reportedly blamed his hospitalisation on the fact that he is significantly overweight.

A growing body of research suggests that obesity is a risk factor for severe illness and death from COVID-19, because higher levels of fat in the chest and stomach areas put more pressure on the lungs and make them require more oxygen.

Johnson, who is presiding over Britain’s gradual exit from the lockdown, has come under intense pressure to punish his controversial chief aide Dominic Cummings for visiting his family despite stay-at-home restrictions.

One junior minister, Douglas Ross, has resigned, protesting the government’s backing of Cummings and refusal to investigate, and more than 35 Conservative MPs now call for the ouster of Johnson’s adviser. Cummings refused to resign or apologise.

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Queen Allows Boris Johnson to Jog in Buckingham Palace Grounds After Coronavirus Battle

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