If You Are Expecting a Child, Doctors Suggest Being Extra Cautious Amid COVID-19

New Delhi (Sputnik): The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill because of the number of lives it has taken so far. Some 62, 784 have perished as of 6 April, according to the World Health Organisation. The impact can also be seen in India with 4,067 postive cases, 693 new ones emerging since Sunday alone. 

Pregnant women have to take extra care of their health although the risk of passing the coronavirus to the foetus appears to be very low.

Though there is no evidence of any foetal malformations or effects due to maternal infection with COVID-19, leading doctors in India suggest not taking any risks.

Experts suggest that even a small mistake by pregnant women could have a negative effect on their health as well as their unborn baby’s. That is why they need to protect themselves and the baby in the right way by taking more precautions than normal. 

Dr Shobha Gupta, an IVF Expert and Medical Director from the Mother’s Lap IVF centre in New Delhi points out that “one reason to worry about COVID-19 in pregnancy is that women are prone to become severely ill with the flu when they are pregnant”.

What Should One Do in Case of Illness?

Doctors suggests that if you become ill with symptoms of cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, it is advised to stay at home and call your local healthcare services for advice. If you are found to have COVID-19 call your midwife or prenatal care provider and inform them about your illness. Request instructions on how to proceed with prenatal care appointments and delivery plans during the course of your illness.

Extra Precautions for Pregnant Women

  • Awareness is the key

Be very aware of the potential symptoms of coronavirus and symptoms of the regular flu so that pregnant women can call their health provider if they have any which include fever, respiratory symptoms or possibly even diarrhoea. Additionally, if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you should monitor your own temperature and be especially aware of any respiratory symptoms. Your doctor can advise the best steps for care and testing.

  • Regular Online checkups

Regular check-ups during pregnancy are very important for the health of you and your baby. To minimise any potential danger, it is necessary that you have your check up periodically.

  • Get Enough Sleep

It is important for pregnant women to keep the body and mind fully energetic. To keep the body and mind energetic, you need to get enough sleep. It has been proven in many studies that by getting enough sleep each day, our body’s immunity increases amazingly. If immunity is high, you can easily avoid many health problems. Along with this, moments of rest are very important for the baby growing in your womb. So, do not compromise and make sure you get enough sleep.

  • Balanced Diet

The immune system’s efficacy dips during pregnancy, which places pregnant people at a higher risk for contracting many transmittable illnesses whether food borne or respiratory. So, it is necessary for expectant mothers to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Considering the risk of coronavirus, it has become even more important for you to have a balanced diet. The right diet and all kinds of vitamins increase your body’s ability to fight against diseases. So, without delay, get a diet chart from your specialist and eat a balanced diet according to the same chart.

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If You Are Expecting a Child, Doctors Suggest Being Extra Cautious Amid COVID-19

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