Berlin Police are investigating the affair of an attack on two young men wearing Jewish skullcaps, which was filmed by one of the victims and the subsequently posted on Facebook.

According to news reports, two Jewish men wearing kippahs were walking on the street when they were attacked by an Arabic-speaking man, who started to whip one of them with his belt, crying out the Arabic word for Jew, “Yahudi.” The incident took place in the fashionable Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, which is very famous among many Israelis living in Berlin. 

“It is intolerable if young men are being attacked here just because they wear a kippah. Jews shall never again feel threatened here. It’s our responsibility to protect Jewish life here,” German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas posted on his Twitter page.


Belt-Wielding, Arabic-Speaking Man Attacks Jewish Men in Ritzy Berlin District

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