Huawei Finds Potential Workaround to US Ban to Release New Phone With Google Services – Report

The Chinese tech giant ended up cut off Google’s software, including newest editions of Android system, after the US initiated its crackdown campaign against Huawei in May 2019. Despite that, already existing models of phones can still freely use Google’s products.

Huawei will release a renewed version of its P30 Lite smartphone in 2020 without changing its name in an apparent attempt to keep it stocked with Google Mobile Services and avoid falling under the recent US ban, the online media outlet Gizchina reported, citing anonymous sources.

The outlet explained that since the new phone will remain essentially the same and will feature the old name, Huawei doesn’t need to get a licence to use Google’s software on it. It’s still unclear what will change in the 2020 edition of the P30 Lite.

US Crackdown on Huawei

The US started its campaign targeting one of the world’s biggest telecommunication equipment and smartphones producers in May 2019, prohibiting internet providers from using its products and US tech companies from selling technologies (hard- and software) to Huawei without obtaining a special licence first.

Washington’s campaign, harshly condemned by Beijing and Huawei, didn’t stop there as it started threatening its allies abroad, namely major partners like the UK, Germany, France, South Korea and Japan, with the possibility of ending intelligence sharing unless these countries refuse to use Huawei’s 5G network equipment. The US claims that Huawei is working with the Chinese government to allow the latter to spy on those who use the tech giant’s equipment.

Beijing and Huawei vehemently deny these claims, with the tech giant vowing to combat the US move in court.


Huawei Finds Potential Workaround to US Ban to Release New Phone With Google Services – Report

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