MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Zvezda shipbuilding complex has begun constructing the first of 15 ice-breaking liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers of Arc7 class for the Arctic LNG 2 project, Russian oil company Rosneft said in a press release on Friday.

According to the press release, the ceremony was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Space Industry Yury Borisov.

“Gas carriers are among the most technologically complex innovative vessels to be built, while ice-class gas carriers are extremely rare. The beginning of their construction in Russia is a significant milestone for the domestic shipbuilding industry,” Borisov was quoted as saying.

Arctic LNG 2 is a project by Russian gas producing company Novatek. Located offshore near the remote Gyda Peninsula in northwestern Siberia, it will consist of three production lines with a total annual capacity of 19.8 million metric tons (21.8 million short tons).

Arc7 ice-class LNG carriers are designed for the year-round transportation of LNG in the difficult conditions of the ice-bound Arctic sea basin.

These tankers are capable of breaking an ice bulk of up to 2 meters thick (6.5 feet). Since Arc7 tankers use liquefied natural gas as fuel, they are considered to be of advanced environmental safety.


Russia Begins Construction of Arc7 Lead Tanker for Arctic LNG 2 Project, Rosneft Says

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